About Faith


As long as I can remember I have always put my hand to creativity. My first jewellery venture and sales was at the tender age of 14, making femo animals and designs, my Art teacher being one of my first clients.

Following secondary schooling, the most natural transition was to attend Art College, where I continued to enjoy painting and furthering my creative explorations. I loved the exposure to explore different avenues in the world of the arts, particularly photography, ceramics and textiles. Homing in on my passion and looking to the future, I continued my studies at Middlesex University specializing in Jewellery design, graduating in 1997 from my 4 year BA Hons degree.



My house style is inspired by nature and inclined to have an organic twist. My jewellery tends to be bespoke designs enabling me to keep my work fresh, inspiring and exciting. Iím continuously developing ideas and designs to keep my work progressive. Depending on the clientís brief, I use a variety of techniques from flat inlay work to sculpting and fusing metals and carving wax. When commissioning work, clients are given the opportunity to be involved from design through to the finished piece.